Graphic Guide Lines

We prefer pdf files but we can print also from Adobe Illustrator files CS5 provided all fonts have been outlined and all links have been included, Photoshop files CS5 provided all fonts have been converted to shape and files have been flattened, it may work also without converting fonts to shape but it's better to do it anyways. JPEG, TIFF. IN EITHER CASE, DON'T FORGET BLEED AND CROPMARKS. IF YOU SEND US ANYTHING BUT PDF WE WILL EMAIL YOU A PDF PROOF WHICH WILL DELAY YOUR ORDER. The production time with all files that encounter a problem or need attention will start from the time the file is production-ready not the time the order was placed. IN CONCLUSION PLEASE SEND US PDF FILES IF YOU CAN.


Uploaded Content Requirements:

We strongly recommend that content uploaded to for printing purposes meets below requirement:



-At a minimum of 300 DPI at 1:1 ratio (or 100%). Content that does not meet this standard will/may experience/print images that are fuzzy, pixelated or otherwise distorted for which does not accept any responsibility. Jobs designed at 150dpi or lower will print pixelated and poor quality. By Uploading your files to site you assume full responsibility for quality, contents and placement of all the info. In severe cases we reserve the right to reject content that does not meet this standard, but we do not assume any obligation to verify that the content meets this criterion.



-Designed in CMYK and uploaded to with no embedded color profile. (You may upload in RGB or same other standard if you choose, however, the color will be converted and is not responsible for any inaccuracy or color shift that occurs as a result of the conversion). There are two types of color spaces that are used for graphic and print design: RGB (Red, Green, Blue) These are the colors your monitor uses to display everything. CMYK (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black) These are the colors used for printing. Color shifts are usually not visible in color photographs. However, rich and solid colors(like a background) can be affected by a color conversion. Most of the time, color shifts are minor and may not be noticeable.


Color Quality: guarantees that its prints will meet CMYK industry standards. We cannot guarantee "match-print" color quality and cannot prevent slight color shift throughout an order. Because we cannot control the color reproduction of a customer's computer monitor, we cannot guarantee that the actual print color will precisely match any preview as it appears on your monitor. is not responsible for any color shift in converted photographs (RGB images) with black, near black, or gray tones. Color shifts from a perceived black or gray must be addressed prior to file submission. Proofs do not guarantee black, near black or gray final output. Please note that the application of UV coating may have an effect upon or change the appearance of printed colors. is not liable for the final color appearance of a UV coated products. Same exact file printed at different times won't be exactly the same, in other words colors may be different.