When you have pictures, photographs and images and you want them to look just like pictures without any dots or pixels ENHANCED BLACK AND WHITE COPIES are the way to go, with 2400 DPI your pictures, photographs and images will look perfect. Of course you can also use our regular "LASER BLACK & WHITE COPIES" but those are more for text and writing and your photographs, pictures and images will not be as sharp. Here at San Diego Copies/Prints we take the headache and hassle out of your printing needs and let you focus on your business plus we will save you tons of money. We are specialized in black and white copying & printing, from a single flyer to newsletters, programs, memos, reports, forms.....basically we are your one stop source for all your copying & printing needs from manuals to binders with or without tabs, 3 hole punched, stapled or bound, the sky is the limit. On the top of all of that our prices are out of this planet, $0.025 per copy, lowest price online, period. We use latest technology Xerox laser equipment such as Docutech 6135 and 6180 with 600 dpi which is perfect for line and text copies plus your images and graphics will look good enough but if you want your images and graphics to look picture quality you should use our “Enhanced black printers” with 2400 dpi.


Because we do them cheaper than it would cost you if you would do them yourself, you don’t have to buy or lease a printer, you don’t have to deal with paper inventory, technicians, spending hours running the printer or even hiring someone to run it for you, we do all of that for less than it would cost you plus you have more time concentrating on your business. If your order is more than $150 you get free Delivery within San Diego County & normally it arrives next business day beofre 4:00 pm after completion of your order.

Things you should know

File size has to match product:
When placing an order and uploading your file(s)
always make sure the size of the file matches the size
of your product otherwise your order will get delayed
Example: Product 8.5x11 but file uploaded 8.5x5.5


Bleed or not:
When printing goes all the way
to the edge it’s called Bleed or
Full Bleed click here to find out
more, so whatever goes all the way to the edge needs
to extend beyond the cut line by 1/8” or .125” on all four
side which will be trimmed off so there is no white.


What file format to use:
We print preferably from PDF but can also print from:
Any of above file formats except pfg will delay your order
because we have to email you a pdf proof for
your approval. The production time starts from the
time you approve the proof.

Turn around/Production time:
Our cut off time is 11:00am, Once we recieve your order
one of our trained staff will check your order/files usually
the same day sometimes next day and send the order to
production. If there are any issues we will contact you &
once the issue has been resolved the production time
starts not from the time your order was placed.


Download Templates:

Click on the links below to download our templates:
(AI, PDF and JPEG):

Black & White 8.5x11 Template

Black & White 8.5x14 Template

Black & White 11x17 Template

Black & White 8.5x5.5 Template

Black & White 4.25x11 Template

Black & White 4.25x5.5 Template

Black & White 8.5x7 Template


Preferred file format: pdf

Accepted file formats: DOC, PUB, PPT, JPEG, JPG,
Any of above file formats will delay your order
because we have to email you a pdf proof for
your approval. The production time starts from the
time you approve the proof.

Resolution: 300 DPI

Printing in Black and White:
Keep in mind if you use other colors than black
on your file and you choose “Black and white printing”
all colors will print in different shades of Gray, for example
color Blue will print a darker shade of gray versus
yellow which will print in lighter shade of Gray.

Printing in Color/Color Space:
We prefer CMYK, if you use RGB,
sometimes the print colors maybe different than
what you are expecting.

Fonts: Always flatten your files/documents and outline
the font because if you use a special font that we don’t
have the system will replace your fonts and it will look

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